One of the things I love most about my animals is how God uses them to teach to me…

Before we got our chickens, my husband built a mcmansion for them with nice, large nesting boxes — one for each hen so they wouldn’t even have to share. We got all of our hens when they were just days old and I trained them at a young age to lay in those beautiful nesting boxes.

While cleaning up from my winter garden and prepping for my spring garden just a few weeks ago, I picked up a large pile of dead tomato plants to throw them away. To my surprise, I uncovered this incredible, well designed nest where my hens have been laying for {only God} knows how long.

After getting over my brief frustration with the matter, I started laughing to myself. I realized this was God’s way of reminding me that no matter how hard I try to control my life, putting in 150% effort to get everything perfect and stressing over making sure each piece falls into place, He is ultimately in control. I spend so much time and energy trying to maintain control that I miss out on the opportunity to trust in God and let him take the wheel (thanks, Kelly Clarkson).

In Colossians 1:17 we are reminded that Christ is “before all things, and in Him all things hold together”, and in Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord tells us He “know(s) the plans (He) has for (us)…plans to prosper (us) and not to harm (us), plans to give (us) a hope and a future.”‘ Seeing that chicken nest reminded me that I need to stop holding the reins of my life, and the lives of those around me, so tightly.

I need to Trust Him. Seek Him. Be Still before Him. And remember that He is GOD, not me.

Many times I make plans for my life and when things don’t go my way, I get frustrated. Just like I did when I saw the nest in my garden. But the end result of many of those circumstances is so much better than the plan I had for myself, just like this chicken nest was so much more beautiful and breathtaking than the box I made for them.

I’m so much more relaxed, joyful and pleasant to be around when I don’t try to control my circumstances and trust God. I’m thankful that He gives me reminders like this to put things back into perspective and keep my focus on Him.

Now that I’ve learned my lesson from the nest, I’m going to go remind those chickens where they are supposed to lay, but not stress {too much} if they decide a different part of the yard looks more appealing. 😉